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7 treasures of culture and tradition in County Kerry, Ireland

Its wild landscapes and vast expanses are just as fascinating as its customs and gastronomy. During your stay on the Emerald Isle, don't miss these discoveries of culture and tradition in County Kerry. Discover the treasures of this south-western region of Ireland, nicknamed "The Kingdom", in our top 7.
Published on May 30, 2024

1. Muckross House: the Irish manor house where Queen Victoria stayed

Close to the shores of Lake Muckross, this Tudor-style manor house boasts 65 rooms. Built for Henry Arthur Herbert, Member of Parliament for County Kerry, the house was occupied for almost 200 years by several generations of the Herbert family.

Today, the estate is open to the public and managed by a tourist center. But Muckross House has retained its period style and furnishings. You can enjoy the place as Queen Victoria knew it.

2. Ross Castle: a typical Irish castle

It's impossible to visit the Emerald Isle without seeing one of its famous Irish castles. Among the jewels of Killarney National Park, just 20 minutes from Kerry airport, is Ross Castle.

The 15th-century building stands on the shores of Lough Leane. The fortress is the work of a powerful Irish chieftain. O'Donoghue Ross was a shrewd military strategist who ruled the Killarney territory.

The 5-storey high main tower and the fortified enclosure with its corner turrets bear witness to the medieval architecture and power of the Ross family. The castle experienced many battles and changed ownership several times before being taken over by the Irish state. Ross Castle has now been restored and presents a piece of Irish history.

Inside, you'll admire living areas and bedrooms furnished with 16th-century cabinetry.

3. Kerry Bog Museum: a 19th-century Irish village

Halfway between Killorglin and Glenbeigh, on the Ring of Kerry circuit, this museum promises a real change of scenery. Here you'll discover what life was like in a traditional 19th-century Irish village.

The reconstructed village showcases authentic peat mining activities, which are closely linked to Ireland's history. Period thatched cottages bring to life the customs and living conditions of the period.

This interactive museum is located at the foot of the MacGillycuddy Reeks, Ireland's highest mountain range. A short walk away, after your visit to Les Marières village, stop off at the Red Fox Inn, an old traditional pub specializing in Irish coffee.

4. Sneem: a small Kerry coastal village with a sculpture park

The Ring of Kerry is a tour on one of Ireland's most beautiful roads. It takes you to Sneem on the Iveragh peninsula. In this small, typical coastal village, you'll discover the rhythm of life of the inhabitants, cradled by the ocean. Fishing and tourism are the main activities here.

After a tour of the shops and local crafts, stroll through the Sneem Sculpture Park. This stroll through the public garden is an opportunity to appreciate works of art from all over the world (China, Israel, Egypt...).

Other statues and monuments can be seen throughout the village, including a memorial to Charles de Gaulle, who came to stay in Sneem in 1969 after his resignation.

5. Falconry Kerry: a private falconry experience

To introduce birds of prey and their importance in the ecosystem, this traditional Irish farm offers an extraordinary experience. Falconry Kerry is just a stone's throw from the town of Killarney, with the Carrauntoohil and Mangerton mountains as its backdrop.

This is not a falconry show, but an opportunity to practice this age-old art for yourself. During a private walk, you'll take on the role of falconer, equipped with the appropriate glove to bring the bird of prey to perfection, which will return to land on you after a period of free flight.

After the falcons, you'll have the chance to meet the farm's other birds of prey, including owls.

6. Tom Crean Fish & Wine: from Irish breakfast to the discovery of the Kerry explorer

This restaurant blends gastronomy and history. Tom Crean Fish & Wine in Kenmare is owned by the family of Irish explorer Tom Crean. Traditional food mingles with a real exhibition in tribute to this adventurer who is the pride of Ireland.

Tom Crean took part in three expeditions to Antarctica alongside such greats as Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton. The establishment has preserved the atmosphere of this heroic past and offers typical dishes.

Enjoy a traditional Irish breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, beans with tomato and black and white pudding.

If you've missed the Irish breakfast hour, don't miss Tom Crean's Lager. The beer named after the explorer is brewed by the Dingle Brewing Company.

7. Killarney Brewing & Distilling: a passion for traditional Irish beverages

This establishment in southwest Ireland is both a brewery and a distillery. Killarney Brewing & Distilling offers craft beers and spirits that blend tradition and innovation.

Our enthusiastic team welcomes you for an immersive guided tour. After observing the work of the brewers, you can move on to the tasting of a cold beer, brewed with pure water directly from Mangerton Mountain, overlooking Killarney in County Kerry.