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Cabin baggage

Whatever fare you choose, one piece of cabin baggage is included.

  • One bag per person - Maximum dimensions 45 cm X 45 cm X 15 cm including pockets, wheels and handles and maximum weight = 10kg
  • A handbag or computer bag: maximum dimensions 30 cm X 40 cm X 15 cm and maximum weight = 2kg.


For flights operated by Beech 1900, cabin baggage weight is limited to 6 kg.


We may limit the number of baggage items in the cabin. They will then be loaded into the hold during boarding and returned as soon as you leave the plane.

Checked baggage

The number of baggage items you can transport free of charge in the hold depends on your ticket type. This information is available at booking and is indicated on your ticket.
If your fare does not include baggage, you can reserve it up to 3 hours before flight departure at a cost of €25. If you purchase it at the airport, it will be charged at €40.
A second piece of baggage weighing 23 kg is charged at €45 if booked in advance, or €60 at the airport.

In the event of excess baggage , payment will be made at the departure airport (after checking baggage weight).

Oversized luggage

Checked baggage must not exceed certain limits (see above).


- If baggage exceeds 23 kg (maximum 32 kg), a supplement of €70 will be charged (payment at the airport).

- If the baggage size (Length + Width + Height) is between 159 cm and 300 cm, a supplement of €40 will be charged (payment at the airport). However, the maximum length may not exceed 160cm.



- Sports equipment: golf bags, diving or skiing equipment and fishing gear are considered standard baggage as long as they comply with the weight and dimensions of hold baggage.

- Surf/kite: Subject to quota. The supplement is €60 per trip. Board length must not exceed 160cm, 

- Children's equipment : If you're traveling with a child under the age of 4, you can carry a cane stroller weighing up to 10 kilos and a booster seat or car seat free of charge.


Bike on board

On our ATR aircraft, you can travel with a bicycle.

This service is subject to quota and is billed at €60 per trip.


Prohibited items

The list of prohibited items can be consulted in the general conditions of carriage. 




Baggage collection and delivery

(a) Passengers must collect their Baggage as soon as it is available at destination or stopover. If he fails to do so within a reasonable period of time, the Carrier may charge an additional storage fee. If the passenger does not collect Baggage within three months of its availability, the Carrier may dispose of it without any liability to the passenger.

(b) Only the bearer of the Baggage Check and Baggage Identification Tag delivered to the passenger at the time of check-in has the right to collect the Baggage. However, failure to submit the baggage tag does not preclude baggage pickup, if baggage screening is presented and the baggage can be identified in other ways.

(c) If a person claiming Baggage is unable to produce Baggage Check and identify the Baggage by means of a Baggage Tag, Carrier will deliver the Baggage to such person only if they can satisfactorily prove their rights; at Carrier's request, such person must provide adequate coverage to indemnify Carrier for any loss, damage or expense that may result from such delivery.

(d) Acceptance of the Baggage by the holder of the Baggage Check without complaint on his part at the time of delivery shall constitute a presumption that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the Contract of Carriage.

Right to refuse to carry baggage

At any time during the boarding or intermediary procedure, the Carrier may refuse to carry as Baggage any prohibited article, as indicated in paragraph 3 of this article, and may also refuse to continue the carriage of such articles if they are discovered.

The Carrier may refuse to carry Baggage due to its size, shape, weight, content or nature, or for operational, safety/security reasons or to preserve the comfort and convenience of passengers and crew.

Search rights

For security/safety reasons, the Carrier may ask the passenger and/or his/her Baggage to undergo a search or an X-ray or other type of check.

If the passenger is not present or available, his/her Baggage may be searched in his/her absence to determine whether he/she or his/her Baggage contains any object mentioned in paragraph 3 above, as well as any weapon or ammunition which has not been presented to the Carrier, as mentioned in section 3 (g) above.

If the passenger refuses to comply with such requests, the Carrier may refuse to carry him/her and his/her Baggage. If such checks damage the Baggage and its contents or cause damage to the passenger, the Carrier shall not be liable, except in the event of misconduct or negligence.

Baggage identification

(a) When the passenger hands over the baggage allowance, the Carrier takes custody and issues a baggage identification tag for each piece of checked baggage.

(b) If the Carrier determines that the baggage packaging is inadequate, defective or in poor condition, it may refuse the baggage.

(c) Passengers must affix a personal identification tag to Baggage before it is accepted by Carrier.

(d) Checked Baggage is carried, as far as possible, on the same aircraft as the passenger (its owner), unless for operational or safety/security reasons, the Carrier decides that it must be carried on another flight.

If this is the case, the Carrier will deliver the baggage to the flight destination, unless applicable law requires the passenger to be present for customs clearance.

Declaration of securities and collection of additional fees

(a) If the Carrier offers this possibility, the Passenger may declare a value higher than the limit of liability specified in the Agreement. In this case, the Passenger may be charged an additional fee, at rates set by the Carrier and available on request.

(b) The Carrier will refuse such a declaration of value, if parts of the carriage are to be performed by another carrier which does not offer such a possibility.