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Are razors allowed on board aircraft?

To get your suitcase packed on time, you try to keep your clothes and shoes wrinkle-free. Your outfits can be formal or casual, depending on your destination and the reason for your trip. When putting together your toiletry kit, be careful with shaving accessories and products. There are strict regulations governing items that are prohibited on board aircraft. Is your razor allowed in cabin baggage? What about shaving foam and aftershave? To avoid any inconvenience at the security checkpoint, it's important to find out what's allowed. Here's a complete overview to make sure your toiletry kit complies with current standards.
Published on January 25, 2024

What type of razor do you use?

If shaving is part of your daily routine, the idea of ending up with a beard several days old is certainly not a pleasant one. Whether you're on a business trip or on vacation, you'll probably prefer to take your own accessories with you, rather than having to buy everything on the spot. There are a few precautions to take when preparing your toiletry kit.

To begin with, it's essential to distinguish between the different types of razor, as they don't all have the same fate at the airport. Mechanical razors, for example, come in several versions.

  • The cabbage shaver, also known as a straight barber's razor, is a model with a removable blade that folds away inside the handle. It's a durable, traditional razor, but not everyone is comfortable handling it.
  • The safety razor or safety shaver is so named for the simple reason that it provides a faster, safer shave than a straight razor, notably by reducing the risk of cuts, whether for a full shave or just for the contours of the beard. It features a durable handle and a head that locks the interchangeable blade in place with a protective device.
  • The disposable razor is a variation on the safety razor. It is intended for relatively short use. The blade is integral with the handle and cannot be replaced. These models are generally made of plastic.
  • System shavers work on the same principle as disposable razors. These models include several blades that are protected and not easily accessible, but the handle can be kept and the head changed. This refillable system is often equipped with a lubricating strip for added comfort.

Finally, electric shavers are devices powered by batteries or a mains connection. With rotating or oscillating blades, they can be used for close trimming or shaving, depending on the accessories supplied and your needs.

Razors authorized for use in the cabin

To ensure the safety of passengers and crew, baggage is subject to strict controls, which may or may not allow access to boarding gates. So it's a good idea to know before you get to the airport whether an item is allowed on the plane or not. Take the time to find out when you're packing your baggage, to avoid stress and wasted time when you get there.

In the cabin, flammable products, tools and sharp or blunt objects are strictly forbidden. Your shaving accessories may therefore prove problematic.

  • Electric razors are authorized in the cabin. They are considered to be electronic equipment. As such, you must be able to prove their proper use, so be sure to recharge yours before you leave. And don't forget the plug adapters if you're moving to another country.
  • Disposable razors and system razors are also welcome on board if the blades are inaccessible. Leave them in their plastic packaging to facilitate the passage of your cabin bag through the security checkpoint.
  • Cabbage cutters are strictly forbidden in carry-on baggage. This type of shaving accessory is one of the sharp objects not allowed on board. If you don't have a hold bag, don't try to travel with it.
  • The safety razor has a rather special fate. It is allowed in the cabin only if it is not equipped with its blade. Refills must therefore be carried in the hold or purchased on board.

Good to know: air transport regulations apply to all flights departing from France, the European Union, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland. The basic prohibitions and restrictions are therefore always the same. However, some airlines may decide to push the level of restrictions even further. So always remember to check the information provided to you before your flight.

Are shaving products allowed in hand luggage?

Your travel toiletry kit will be composed differently if you use an electric shaver or a manual razor. Electric razors require no water or shaving products. On the other hand, repeated use of a mechanical razor can irritate the skin, which is why you need to apply a special lotion beforehand.

Air transport regulations impose restrictions on liquid products authorized in the cabin, limited to small quantities. For shaving foam, cream or gel, containers must not exceed 100 ml each, and must be placed in a transparent airtight bag no larger than one liter. These rules also apply to aftershave.

You can buy a special airplane kit, or opt for solid products such as shaving soaps, which are not subject to restrictions. Last but not least, don't forget protective cases and pouches to keep your razor and shaving brush hygienically clean.