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Which airport parking lot to choose?

After booking and checking your identity documents, there's another crucial point not to be overlooked when preparing your plane trip. Where will you park your vehicle? There are many options for optimizing your parking when you need to drive to the terminal. Safety, price, accessibility, time-saving... These are just some of the criteria to consider when choosing a parking lot close to the airport.
Published on September 18, 2023

Parking lots near airports

There's a wide range of parking options near airports. Let's take a closer look at the different services on offer.

Official parking lots

They offer the locations closest to the terminals. They offer many advantages. By opting for an official parking lot, you can quickly reach your boarding gate. The main drawback is that the cost is relatively high.

To meet this expectation, some airports also offer parking facilities further away. In this case, passengers have access to a shuttle service to make the transfer. In this case, you need to be vigilant in your organization and not neglect the turnaround time between shuttles, so as not to arrive late at the airport.

Private parking lots

Numerous private parking areas are also available close to airports. To facilitate business trips or vacation departures, these private sites can also offer additional services, from the most economical to the most comfortable.

Private parking lots with shuttle service operate in the same way as official airport parking lots. You need to plan your arrival time in the parking lot according to the shuttle departure time.

A more comfortable, but also more expensive, option is also offered by some private parking lots. With valet parking, you drive directly to the airport drop-off point, where a professional driver is waiting for you. Once you've unloaded your luggage, hand over your keys and the valet will park your vehicle in the chosen parking lot. This time-saving solution is particularly popular with travelers in a hurry, passengers with a lot of luggage or people with mobility problems.

How do I choose a parking lot near the airport?

The safety system

You're going to park your car in this space for several days or weeks. So it's imperative that you pay close attention to the security system to avoid any inconvenience when you return from your plane trip.

We advise you to choose a parking lot with 24-hour surveillance cameras, an alarm system and one or more on-site security guards. You should also check the level of insurance cover offered for this paid parking space.

The budget

This criterion is equally important, and can have a considerable impact on the location of the parking lot. The closer the car park is to the departure terminal, the higher the price.

Conversely, as the distance to the airport increases, the fare decreases. In this case, it's the journey time to the terminal that increases, as the shuttle service is taken into account.

Good to know: you can also choose to connect to your terminal from a smaller airport to save on parking costs. This is a particularly good solution if you need to reach the capital from a provincial town. Our regional airline offers a range of destinations to meet this need.

Ancillary options

Some parking lot management companies offer top-of-the-range services. In addition to valet parking, you can opt for a maintenance service that includes at least the exterior cleaning of your vehicle.

Your travel habits

You don't want to miss your flight if you choose the wrong parking lot. If you frequently travel by plane for work or leisure, consider your travel habits. Do you check in online or at the airport counter? Do you usually arrive at the last minute or well in advance? The answers to these questions will point you in the direction of a parking lot closer or further away from the airport.

On the other hand, the number of baggage items you can take in the hold and in the cabin also adds to the constraints. This volume depends on the length of your stay and the number of passengers accompanying you, especially for families. The more luggage you have, the closer you'll be to the boarding terminal.

The terms and conditions booking

The price of a parking space also depends on supply and demand. Prices will rise according to peak periods and availability. As with your plane tickets, to take advantage of the best prices, don't delay in registering your booking.

As soon as you know your departure dates and times, don't hesitate to block the space. Choose parking lots that allow you to validate your booking online several months before departure.